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Before to tell you who we are, we would like to let you spend a couple of minutes to understand what we may and what we may not do for you:

We may not sending out a quote if we do not understand with whom we are dealing with. If you want to get a better market price from us comparing your existent suppliers we cannot help you in anyway. We may supply you with high quality services and products when we know your needs and your projects. We may help you in cut the energy bill creating custom lighting projects and great environments.

If your market research starts from the price only, we are not able to help you; the price in our opinion is a normal consequential result of evaluating the client’s needs, giving him the right solutions.

When a client asks us to find a lighting solution, we need our time to make the right choices to help, led lighting is a good tool when used in the right way. It helps to maximize the sales in shops, it helps people to feel comfortable in the working environment increasing the production.

Lighting does not mean turn it on only.

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