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MKTLondon is a company that values excellence, so it is always looking for ambitious people, be they career starters or experiences profiles, who can help it innovate, and who are passionate about led lighting field and its excellence.

At MKTLondon the selection process consists in identifying the right qualities and skills in order to innovate and archieve success. Obviously, in full respect of our values ​​and the corporate DNA. MKTLondon has high expectations of people with high skills, ability and ambition to grow in the future. just what you might expect from a company that depends on meticulous and uncompromising attention to detail. Our recruiting process enables the candidate to showcase their talent, assessing their skills through a structured selection process.
The selection process is detailed and precise – just what you might expect from a company that depends on meticulous and uncompromising attention to detail. Candidates are examined not only on their professional, technical and academic excellence, but also for their compatibility with MKTLondon principles and values, international mindset and multicultural experience.
For MKTLondon every individual is important: the highest priority then the freedom of expression of each individual, because MKTLondon believes that it is the key element for excellent teamwork.

If you wish to apply please enter your Curriculum Vitae on our Contact Form, telling us what makes you different.

Initial Screening
Initial screening is done by our information system that collects and sorts the profiles received based on the characteristics and skills of the individual in relation to ongoing research.
The requirements that are observed are:
- Level of education
- Postgraduate courses
- Languages and computer skills
- Professional experience

Telephone Interview
The phone interview exposes the professional opportunities in research. Once understood that the canditate might match the company's requirements, it will be arranged a depth meeting.

The first selection interview
First evaluation of the CV and motivation letter. Submit their application through our website is the best solution because it allows a complete monitoring of the applications received and to investigate the most relevant candidates. Subsequently, the selected candidates will be invited to an initial meeting with cognitive specialists selection and / or management staff.

The second selection interview
Once interviewed candidates for a given position, the HR will prepare a list of candidates most suitable to the first selection interview, which will present to the Management. The Management will meet with the candidates for a second interview more in-depth technical role in research and related skills.

Final choice and feedback
At the end of the selection process, the HR Management defines the most suitable candidates for the position in search. Subsequently the HR will communicate to each candidate the final selection's outcome. Applicants will be contacted via e-mail, and the successful candidate will be contacted directly by the HR department with all details of recruitment.

MKTLondon ensures fairness in relationships and is committed to avoiding discrimination of any kind, ensuring that every man and woman is treated with respect.


MKTLondon recognizes the centrality of the HR department's protects and promotes the value of it, following a policy based on merit recognition, equal opportunities and implementation of specific training programs for professional development to acquire more skills.
Employees MKTLondon are our most important resource. They work as a team to achieve excellence by sharing the objectives and improving together to get the best results.
We all have a strong belonging sense, love the challenge and we are constantly looking to improve together, every day, for our company's success.

We live our company with enthusiasm, strong sense of pride and emotion: MKTLondon  lives in our heart. The every day challenges remind us that we are part of an extraordinary reality.
Conscious to belong to an organization known and respected at the international level, we strive to represent it in all our relationships by observing a discreet behaviour, honest, consistent and correct.
MKTLondon is committed to maintain relationships with its employees based on fairness, transparency and mutual respect, without making any discrimination, pledging to offer their employees the same employment opportunities and ensuring all the opportunities for professional growth based on objective criteria and merit.

Employees MKTLondon think and act as if it were their own company. Seek new responsibilities and proposing innovative and ambitious professional goals, anticipating changes aimed at continuous improvement. Those who work in MKTLondon build and enhance the investment resource in the interest of the Company, in order to guarantee an increment on the development and productivity.


We want to improve the work environment by ensuring consistently a better quality of life, comfort, cleanliness and order to work in a safe place, to guarantee high quality standards to all those who work for the Company.

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