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Our Commitment


Our commitment is to serve our clients in the best way by providing high quality products and services without compromise.

All our employees and collaborators constantly in evolution as this sector, they are regularly participate in technical courses of the biggest LED chip manufacturers and they are able to design for the client lighting fixtures of the highest quality.

MKTLondon choses as an alternative payment the renting formula to offer to its customers to avoid with the costant "battle of price" to take the risk of getting low-end products. It seems rhetoric when it says that "you get what you pay for", but in the LED lighting fields this phrase fits perfectly. It is not enough saying that a LED lighting fixture lasts longer compared to traditional lighting fixtures only because it is made with led or because it is branded, technically speaking, there are several factors involved to go for a correct or incorrect choice.

In addition by hiring MKTLondon the client is sure to take advantage from all the benefits that LED lighting potentially brings to the client. MKTLondon was the first company in Europe to offer the lighting renting formula, understood as a wide range of products and services of the highest quality made to last.

Our guarantee of 36 or 60 months (no hidden things) according to the formula of the choosen products, it covers unconditionally the product without operating limits, which means that if the client breaks one of our items, it will have the item replaced or repaired. The only limitation on this type of warranty is concerning electrical phenomena caused by weather events or by the electrical operator for which any normally well-structured company is insured. With this we exclude from the warranty issues that do not depend on our company or our products, but rather by external phenomena. Our service then it may be considered a "peace of mind", when an item is broken the customer will have to picking up the phone only and the company does the rest.

In conclusion, we believe to be a manufacturer that is able to "light up the future" of the companies that rely on us.

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